Learn What To Do If You Accidentally Put Regular Fuel In Your Diesel Truck

When you have a diesel truck, it is important to only put diesel fuel in it. There are times when people are distracted when they are putting fuel into the vehicle. When this happens, some people make the mistake of putting regular gasoline in their diesel truck. If you try to drive the truck on regular gasoline, it will cause damage to the inner workings of your truck. If you accidentally put regular fuel in your diesel truck, use the following guide to learn what to do to keep your truck from being damaged by the gasoline.

Move the Truck Away from the Gas Pump

The first thing you will need to do is you will need to move the truck away from the gas pump. Other people will need to pump gas and if you are blocking the pump with your truck, other people will not be able to gain access to it. Do not start your truck though. Turn the key enough so that you can put the truck into neutral and then push it into an open parking spot. You will more than likely need to enlist the help of other people at the gas station as most diesel trucks are a bit on the heavy side and it may be difficult for you to push and steer on your own.

Contact a Mobile Diesel Repair Company

It is important to contact a mobile diesel repair company to assist you when you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. The company can send a technician to your location to siphon the gasoline out of your truck so that it does not go through the inner workings of the truck. The company will need to know your exact location and how much gas you put into the gas tank so that they can bring gas cans large enough to hold the amount of gas you added to the vehicle. If you are not sure how much you added or if your tank is completely full, simply let the company know how large your gas tank is and they will take care of the rest.

Have Your Truck Looked at Right Away

Once the technician comes and siphons the gas out of your truck, fill it up with diesel fuel right away. Allow the truck to sit for a few minutes before you start to drive it. You should take your truck to a mechanic to have him or her look over it as soon as you can to ensure that no damage was caused to the truck by the gasoline. If it did not travel through your truck, your truck shouldn't be damaged at all.

It is important to find out if the mobile diesel repair company takes cash or credit cards as payment for their services. This will allow you to go into the gas station and get out cash from an ATM if they only accept cash so that you can be ready to pay the technician right away and be on your way as soon as possible. Companies like Permian Repair can help you with your needs.