Harsh Winters: Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil in the Bitter Cold

Winter driving is tough for anyone living in a bitterly cold area. Not only are you dealing with drastic temperature drops, but you also find yourself dealing with all kinds of extreme weather like snow and blizzards. When you are preparing your vehicle for the winter, it's a good idea to consider the type of oil that you're using in the engine. A synthetic oil may cost a little more than standard oil, but it comes with many advantages when dealing with the winter cold. The next time you get an oil change, you will understand about the various benefits and then use synthetic oil to your advantage.

Cold Temperatures

When temperature drop extremely cold, you may notice that it takes a few extra seconds to get your car started. This may often be associated with the oil that is running through it. Standard oil has some wax molecules that can freeze and expand when exposed to extreme cold. This is not the case for synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is made to flow freely in cold temperatures and will help your car start-up as quickly as possible. This will help reduce wear on the engine and can really decrease the time it takes to warm your car up. When you get an oil change, the mechanic will drain out all of the old oil to replace it with the synthetic version. Getting this done a few months before the cold weather starts to arrive will help break your engine in and get it fully going with the new type of oil.

Increased Horsepower

Traveling through snow, slush, and frozen rain can be tough. You want to be to rely on your vehicle's power to really push through those obstacles and have the ability to make it to your destination without any problems. This is where another synthetic oil advantage comes in. When you are using synthetic oil, the horsepower in your vehicle will increase. This can make a dramatic difference as you attempt to get out of your driveway, make it up hilly areas, or if you find yourself stuck in a huge snowstorm. The oil's ability to easily flow through the vehicle makes it easier to to power up and rely on that power at all times. It will not feel like a whole new car, but the horsepower difference only has to be slight to help you get through tough areas.

Improved Fuel Economy

During the winter, you want your tank of gas to last as long as possible. By using synthetic oil, your engine doesn't need to work as hard, saving on the amount of gas that burned off. This can be really helpful, especially if you stuck in a snowstorm or going through small traffic. It can also prevent you from having to constantly fill your tank with gas and stepping out into the cold. After getting your oil changed, you can start tracking the fuel use and see the differences that it makes.

Less Oil Changes

Because synthetic is clean and clear, it does not produce the same slime and sludge as other types of oils. This means that during the winter, you will have to worry about less oil changes. After getting the initial change, you are typically good through the rest of winter. So as you plan out holidays and family travel, you do not need to worry about scheduling an extra oil change in the mix. Depending on the timing, an initial oil change in November will really help you last up until February or March depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Getting through the winter driving season can be a lot easier when you rely on a professional oil change and see the advantages that synthetic oil has to offer. For more information, contact a business such as PDR Automotive Inc.