Four Signs Of Malfunctioning Brakes

Your brakes suffer from a significant amount of stress and heat just from their normal operation. This can cause all sorts of complications for all of the components of your brake systems, from the brake pads to the rotors and calipers. Understanding the warning signs of malfunctioning or worn out components can help you determine when you need to take your vehicle into a shop for brake repair before they can represent a serious danger to you and your car.

Spongy Feeling

One of the most common warning signs associated with a brake system that isn't working effectively is if you notice that the brake pedal feels spongy and unresponsive, requiring more pressure than normal in order to actually slow down your vehicle. This happens when your brake lines have an inadequate amount of fluid in them, which is usually because a leak has developed. The more brake fluid leaks out, the less effective your brakes are, which can make an accident much more likely.

Shaking While Braking

Another common sign associated with brake issues is excessive shaking and vibrating while you are pressing down the brake pedal. This can point to a number of problems with your brakes, from something as simple as needing to replace old and worn out brake pads – a normal part of maintaining your vehicle – to adjusting the alignment of the rotors to ensure that they are applying equal and even pressure to the tires on either side of your vehicle.


In a similar train of thought to the above symptom, any signs of pulling to one side when you engage the brakes can point to mechanical issues that need to be addressed. Usually, this can occur when one brake pad is more worn down than the other, though t other times it can point to alignment issues, a leak in one brake line and not another, or some other related reason. You'll have to have your entire brake system inspected in order to determine where the issue lies and what the best course of action to fix it is.

Irregular Noises

Finally, the last sign that your brakes need to be serviced by a professional is if you notice that they make any sort of loud noise when they are engaged. This indicates that there is some sort of mechanical problem – the most common of which is the brake pads being simply worn away, causing your caliper and rotor to grind together. This is a fairly serious issue, which can cause expensive caliper and rotor damage if allowed to continue, so you should have your brakes inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

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