Four Signs Of Malfunctioning Brakes

Your brakes suffer from a significant amount of stress and heat just from their normal operation. This can cause all sorts of complications for all of the components of your brake systems, from the brake pads to the rotors and calipers. Understanding the warning signs of malfunctioning or worn out components can help you determine when you need to take your vehicle into a shop for brake repair before they can represent a serious danger to you and your car.

Rebuilding Or Regearing The Differential In Your Truck Or SUV

All rear wheel drive cars, trucks, and SUVs have one thing in common; they have a rear differential that transfers the power from the transmission to the rear tires. While they may be a little different in design, they all have the same basic components that work the same way. Understanding how the differential works is essential to doing any work on it. How It Works Essentially, the rear differential is a gearbox that contains a ring gear, a pinion gear, two to four side gears, and a carrier that connect all the parts.